The Dreaded Misery Of Infertility

If you’re reading this post, chances are that either you or one of your close friends is suffering from infertility issues’ let it be known, you’re not alone. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, worldwide approximately 6.7 million women suffer from infertility; which unfortunately is a medical problem most insurance companies fail to understand or recognize. Why do you think insurance companies do this? Well, because they think that infertility is a “state of mind”, not a disease, which means that if a woman calms down and relaxes she can get pregnant!

If that were true, infertility centres or natural cures just wouldn’t have emerged. But in today’s fast paced world, if you type “how to treat infertility” on Google you’ll end up with 1,68,00,000 results! Do you have the time or energy to comb through these results? How do you know what works and what doesn’t? Apart from that we have conflicting views from people who are ever ready to exploit the minds of infertile couples by recommending magic pills and un-prescribed medication, which can harm the body. If you’re suffering from infertility, please know that you’re not alone and while you might find yourself dreaming about a happy bump, nothing is impossible

. Of course when reality hits you, you might feel depressed and neglected and trust me, dealing with infertility is a big deal. The only way to feel better is to stop feeling lonely, confused or depressed because there is a cure – the kitchari. Apart from the chemical world, there’s another world called the world of natural healing and you are part of it. Kick back your gloomy thoughts because you can achieve significant results with kitchari – the food of the Gods. Talking about infertility, people blame genetics, but truly that’s not the only cause; even stress can lead to infertility. But can you escape stress?

According to medical experts if a woman hasn’t crossed 35 years and is unable to get pregnant after trying for one year, she might be infertile. But is this true? We’ll find out. Today we want to complete things fast, we want to do tomorrow’s work today and possibly day after’s too! And if we complete the work and tomorrow comes, you’re still struggling to get things done, which means you have no time to calm down, breath or take a walk under the sun without any pressure. This tells you that every one of us has succumbed to the stress and pressure that the modern world has unleashed on us. Naturally because we want to do things fast, when we fail to conceive according to our likings we feel discouraged, impatient and utterly annoyed.

As for the infertility question I posted earlier, let me tell you that we’re forced to believe that the older we get the more difficult it is to have babies. This isn’t entirely true. In 2011, a 51 year old woman in Brazil gave birth to a baby boy! In 2013 another 51 year old woman from New Delhi gave birth to her second child! So you see, it isn’t impossible, you just need patience and the right treatment. Try out the kitchari and you’ll see the difference!

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