Why Are you Always So Tired? Top 5 Medical Reasons For Fatigue

You might have had a good night’s sleep, you might have had a refreshing shower, you might have had an excellent massage, but instead of feeling rejuvenated, you still feel tired and weak. Why is that? Is something terribly wrong with the way we feel or is it something to do with the environment we live in? A lot of people blame their busy lives, and that is true to an extent. Imagine that you’ve been working almost day and night for the last 4 – 5 days to accomplish a major deadline, once the deadline is accomplished, the first thing you want to do, rather anyone wants to do, is rest. Things become more complicated if, after the deadline, you have to complete your household chores, childcare and other personal commitments. Where’s the time to rest?

With all this on our plate, it’s easy to blame the way we lead our lives to be the major reason for fatigue, but who says we’re handcuffed to live like this? We make our own choices and even during those times when we think we have no choice, there’s still a little window of opportunity that you can grab to care for yourself! After all, it begins from you, if you’re healthy you can achieve a lot more that you can achieve if you’re constantly exhausted. According to medical professionals, women tend to feel tired more than men, so it’s imperative that you get enough rest to feel rejuvenated. According to GP Liz Thomas, “Tiredness is a common complaint and one that people frequently seek advice from their doctor about. It’s important to differentiate between tiredness due to lack of sleep and tiredness in the context of good and adequate sleep.” While the reasons for fatigue may be due to our bust lifestyle, sometimes, it can be due to some serious health conditions.

Top 5 Reasons For Fatigue

Lack of Sleep

If you don’t sleep well, at least 8 hours a day, you’re going to feel tired and weak. The mantra therefore is to get sleep, because that’s the only time of the day you are doing nothing but recharging your body for the following day’s work! Don’t skip sleep, it’s important to get enough.

Lack of Enough Food

Because we’re so busy, sometimes we have less quality food and more junk food. We might think we’re full, but your body isn’t and in order to help you with your activities, it burns your stored energy, which in turn makes you tired and exhausted. The worst part is that we eat sweet stuff or carbs to fill ourselves as snacks – avoid this. East a good amount of quality food and you’ll see the difference in your body.


When your body is not making enough red blood cells, your tissues and organs fail to get enough oxygen supply to them. What happens next? You feel tired and exhausted. Get a blood test and find out if this is your problem.

Underactive Thyroid

Your thyroid gland controls your metabolism. If tis working too slowly, you will feel tired, exhausted and worst, you will gain weight. Get a blood test to confirm this.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

If you constantly feel exhausted, you might be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. Ask your doctor what lifestyle changes will make you feel better.

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