Health and Healing through Water or Hydrotherapy

The core component of sustenance of life on earth, water is the elixir of the mind, body and soul, not just in poetry, but in reality as well. Magic of water is endless, as divine as it is to every man, woman or beast on any edge of our globe. Europe has been a popular native place to the origin of the art of healing and health through water, called Hydrotherapy. Even the ancient Japanese techniques of massages to stretch a person’s pressure points to aggravate the release of stress advocates that there is no better massaging than while water. Let us look at some of the simple ways of how this elixir can be utilised for its restorative, reviving and rejuvenating life-giving quality!

Hot Water Tub:
An infamous concoction for any sickness, nausea or fatigue, this is the ultimate hydrotherapy. Warm water or steam baths and hot springs are all a good bout of refreshing and rejuvenating therapy in winters. Steam is a good treatment for the skin, the head, the body, the mind and the nostrils!

Cold Water Rub
In summer, the opposite of the above step can be, practised. You can have cold or ice rubs on your body to keep the pores refreshed and hydrated. This not only soothes your head but also takes your body to a relaxed level sans any thought of the scorching sun or the blazing wind, just outside.

Baths: Sitz, Vapor, Foot and Hand

Sitz bath is a shallow warm bath that requires the person to be, immersed in water in such a way that the perineum is, cleansed. Perineum is the space in between the scrotum and the rectum. This is also an effective relief treatment for genital itching and relevant diseases or infections.

  1. Vapor Bath is a simpler way of defining a steam bath.
  2. Foot and Hand bath are simply the pedicure and manicure, respectively with different temperatures of water.

Apart from the above, having different temperature of water for whole body bath and specific cleansing is also effective to keep you healthy, apart from enhancing your mood. There are many traditional and modern water exercised and meditation techniques while floating that hydrotherapy is not restricted to any age. A good water exercise is all that you need to keep your body, mind and soul healthy and healed!