All About How To Relieve Yourself Of Stress

Stress is a vital part of a thinking mind. Today, stress is no longer a new word to our vocabulary but a consistent friend to all our daily routines. Stress is medically, explained by tension or pressure that is exerted on the mental and emotional make-up of the head. Stress management is a serious issue that can result in serious mental disorders if handled wrongfully. In order to relieve yourself of stress, you must start by wanting to remove stress from your life. A brief method on ways to heal, prevent and mange stress in your life is, given below.

Identify source of Stress in your life

Question yourself and note down answers on your consistent thoughts, your fears, regrets, aims and time you spend on each of these thoughts. Maintain a stress journal to keep yourself up-to-date about how you determine your verbalisation of stress as well as how you term the world or the people around you as stressful!

  1. Include your source of stress each time you note down a thought of stress.
  2. Your physical and emotional reactions
  3. Your physical and emotional feelings
  4. Your response, reflex and action
  5. Your way of coping with it

Unhealthy ways of coping with stress

As stress is something that one is generally unaware or ignorant of, many people end up coping in unhealthy ways towards stress. They are:

  1. Alcohol abuse
  2. Smoking
  3. Drug abuse
  4. Over-sleeping
  5. Too much of energy spend on one activity (watching TV, playing games, exercise or playing a sport)
  6. Social isolation
  7. Distracting oneself from reality
  8. Violent outbursts on people around
  9. Harming oneself
  10. Binge-eating/ Under-eating

Healthy ways of Coping with stress

Apart from the unhealthy ways, right stress management is, based on healthy mechanisms to cope with stress. These include:

  1. Avoiding unnecessary stress by learning to say ‘no’, avoiding triggers (people, activity or places) of stress, avoiding arguments and taking control of your environment
  2. Changing/ redirecting the situation is done by venting out feelings, compromising, availing counselling and being assertive with better or productive time management.
  3. Adapting oneself to the stress source is, done by reframing and accepting all problems by concentrating on the bigger picture as well as keeping your focus in a positive light and standards.
  4. Take a break: Sweat-out (Walk, swim, jog, rub, and exercise), Write, Read, and watch, see, enjoy, dance, talk with your friends, get a dog, meet your family and listen to music.

Make sure you always keep a proper time to pamper, relieve and relax yourself, exercise, avoid abusing anything (cigarette, caffeine, alcohol) and sleeping, in order to get rid of stress, permanently!