Enhancing female fertility naturally

Sexuality and sexual health comprise the most vital substance of our existence, the reproduction. With sexuality and its healthy appetite, man has evolved through generations without any halt in the global reproduction rates. With the rising number of pollutants and junk, that each of us ingest through the air, water and food has a direct influence on the rate of fertility amongst today’s generations. With people having problems with birth control pills, emergency contraceptives and accidental pregnancies, female fertility is much under threat now.

So, let us look at some ways of how to keep your feminine hygiene healthy:

  1. Wear healthy cotton inner wear that has no allergic reaction to your skin
  2. Wear clean innerwear
  3. Keep your private area clean
  4. Never let any ejaculation stay dry on your private area for more than 2 hours
  5. Have periodical reproductive system medical checks
  6. Have vaccinations whenever necessary
  7. Have a healthy hygiene about your sanitary napkin use and disposal
  8. Do not use emergency contraceptives pills as a substitute for birth control pills or condom
  9. Never ignore an itch or abnormal reaction on your skin or in your genital area
  10. Do not use soaps or chemically treated liquids to clean your private area, rather, just use a hot water rub
  11. Have a healthy sexual appetite and practise
  12. Do not use razors in the private area

Following are some ways to boost your feminine fertility through natural ways:

  1. Include a lot of proteins, zinc, Vitamin C, iron and vitamin D in your diet
  2. Eat plenty of fish and vegetables
  3. Cut out alcohol, nicotine and any other substance consumption
  4. Keep your body healthy sans obesity
  5. Stay off chemically treated substances and food for consumption
  6. Keep off radiation and dangerous chemicals
  7. Do not have more than 2 cups of coffee per day
  8. Practise relaxation exercises like meditation and yoga
  9. Sleep enough
  10. Do exercises that stretch and relax your pelvic muscles

If you are trying to conceive, then the above factors will enhance you to conceive faster. Remember to eat the kitchari if you are in doubt about any condition that you have been recently having, relevant to your genital health. Stay healthy!